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 - Arecibo Nights, A Trancemission

Arecibo Nights, A Trancemission

Chill Out

This download is available FREE on my website,

"Milestone reached, and it was a huge one. 'Arecibo Nights, A Trancemission' is ready for you guys to enjoy, download, share, and come journey with us in your own personal way; it could be with a loved one, it could be all alone, staring at the stars, that is up to you."

"Come with me as I take you and hundreds of travellers directly from the lush rainforests of Arecibo's Space Observatory out into space and beyond."

"In this soundtrack, you will hear my latest work and the finest chillout tracks from the best producers known to Mankind."

We return you back on a soft featherbed of Jes singing a live remix of Every Other Way, timed and mixed to the lights.

"Listening to the Soundtrack is, in itself, quite an esoteric journey. Doing it in the soft, lush rainforests of Arecibo, at the very location Mankind once sent a single message into the great beyond, under the stars and with the company of so many friends comes right out in the music."

Please enjoy! I will be hosting this download on my own website as a treat for Twitter and Facebook Family members. Getting a comment like, "God, this was the best time I have had in my life," with teary eyes, really says a lot of the healing power of music and mood.

Here's a direct link to the Dropbox download:

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