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Sonority, Turtlesquad, AudioBotz (FL), Guau, Frequency Less, Alter Form, Jordon, Danny Dee, Marten Horger, Neon Steve, Pray For Bass, Dj Debbie D, Hate N Beanz, Face & Book, Alt-A, Crisisbeat - Beatradar Scan #3

Beatradar Scan #3


This time the scanner worked on a part of the club landscape I've been fond of ever since I heard the broken beat style remixes back in the 80s: Breakbeat.
Revisiting that genre was a treat, it's was so great to discover there's still plenty life in this old genre. Here's some of the best tracks I've picked up over the last few months.

This mix also contains two tracks not available on Beatport:
Atroxity - Baby On Crack
SeanGruv - Taking Flight (Nerves Emergency Landing Remix)

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Start Time Title Artists Labels Genre
1 play queue 00:00:00 Could Be Normal (Turtlesquad Remix) Sonority, Turtlesquad Distinctive Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
2 play queue 00:05:03 Don't Wanna (Original Mix) AudioBotz (FL) LW Recordings Breaks $1.49 Buy
3 play queue 00:07:42 Hard Love (Reloaded Mix) Guau 83 Breaks $1.49 Buy
4 play queue 00:11:37 Travel (Bad Tango Remix) Frequency Less LW Recordings Breaks $1.49 Buy
5 play queue 00:17:10 Cyberwar (Jordon Remix) Alter Form, Jordon Religion Breaks Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
6 play queue 00:30:05 Fake World (Original Mix) Danny Dee Beat By Brain Breaks $1.49 Buy
7 play queue 00:32:41 You Don't (Original Mix) Marten Horger, Neon Steve Punks Breaks $1.49 Buy
8 play queue 00:36:04 Been Been (Original Mix) Pray For Bass Need Money Breaks $1.49 Buy
9 play queue 00:39:05 Like Dat (Hate N Beanz Remix) Dj Debbie D, Hate N Beanz LW Recordings Breaks $1.49 Buy
10 play queue 00:42:28 Gangster (Original Mix) Face & Book Elektroshok Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
11 play queue 00:46:45 Work Me (Original Mix) Alt-A InBeatWeTrust Music Breaks $1.49 Buy
12 play queue 00:50:09 Close System (Original Mix) Crisisbeat Bunker Records (ES) Breaks $1.49 Buy