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Oliver Huntemann, Balthazar & JackRock, Yan Cook, Lander B, Oscar Escapa, Eelke Kleijn, Freakme, Larry Cadge, Enrico Sangiuliano, Solomun, Age Of Love, Amelie Lens, Afro Carrib, Kostas Maskalides, Anna V. - Dark Continent: The Anatomy of Consciousness
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Dark Continent: The Anatomy of Consciousness

Techno / Tech House / Afro House / Progressive House

Freud described female sexuality as a Dark Continent and it is often how the DJ scene appears to women entering the field such it is hermetically obscure as to penetrate this domain such that appears to be mainly controlled and dominated by men mostly. Dark Continent also refers to Africa, our origin on earth. Dark Continent in the context of Techno Feminism opens our consciousness to the greater implication of women in the field and we are marking an important change in the structure of music and the way curation of music is harvested, collected, manipulated, mixed, recorded and put together from a feminist perspective in our comprehension of entertainment. Dark Continent: (Techno Feminism) - Track 1. The Structure of The Unconscious; Track 2. The Anatomy of Consciousness shall draw an impression on you, like the sunlight hitting your face in the morning. You can feel the warmth of its golden rays but you can't look at it. You can dance to it and let it fill your soul of pure pleasures. That's how we feel our contribution to this field ought to be received. - DJ Wiki Woo

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