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The Phrenetic Project, Flux, Wragg, Iain Cross, Acti, Stana, Alex Kidd, In2ition, Sa.Vee.Oh, BK, Vinylgroover, Energy Syndicate, The Cheeky Boys, Cut-Up, Technikal, Cally Gage, Guyver, Fierce DJs, Andy Whitby, Karlston Khaos, Mark Breeze, Klubfiller, Kyla, Modulate, Neon Lights, Amber D, Audox, Meg DVS, Organ Donors, Stripe, adukuf, Hybridz, Nathalie, Leon Clarke, Activator - Ecstatic Therapy (Hard Dance Mix) Vol.4
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Ecstatic Therapy (Hard Dance Mix) Vol.4

Hard Dance

Ecstatic Therapy Hard Dance Podcast hosted by Vila Roel episode 001 on Digitally Imported Radio.This two hour mix aired on March 12th, 2013 on
The show is presented in part by DeMars Records and Promo-Engine.

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2 hours 7 minutes 292.7Mb
320kbps 44.1khz mp3
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1 play queue 00:00:00 Our Reservation (Original Mix) The Phrenetic Project SDK Hard Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
2 play queue 00:03:10 Bad Luck (Original Mix) Flux, Wragg, Iain Cross Atmosphere Recordings:UK Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
3 play queue 00:05:45 Creeple (Original Mix) Acti, Stana Be Yourself Music Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
4 play queue 00:07:13 Kiddtroversy (Original Mix) Alex Kidd Total Hard Dance Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
5 play queue 00:10:19 Kidd Kidd Bang Bang (Original Mix) Alex Kidd Kiddfectious Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
6 play queue 00:12:45 Wasting Time (Original Mix) Alex Kidd, In2ition Kiddfectious Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
7 play queue 00:15:52 The Temple (Original Mix) Alex Kidd, Sa.Vee.Oh Kiddfectious Hard Dance Mix Only
8 play queue 00:21:00 Microwave (2012 Remix) BK, Vinylgroover Riot! Recordings Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
9 play queue 00:24:30 LF Oh Yeah (Energy Syndicate & The Cheeky Boys Remix) Energy Syndicate, The Cheeky Boys, Cut-Up Cheeky Tracks Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
10 play queue 00:27:30 Get Crunk (Original Mix) Technikal, Cally Gage Technikal Recordings Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
11 play queue 00:32:00 Man On the Moon (Technikal & Dirty Harry Remix) Guyver Tidy Trax Hard Dance Mix Only
12 play queue 00:35:40 We Need A Fix (Original Mix) Technikal, Fierce DJs LW Recordings Hard Dance Mix Only
13 play queue 00:38:30 One Middle Finger (Original Mix) Andy Whitby, Karlston Khaos AWsum Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
14 play queue 00:41:22 Everything's Alright (Breeze & Modulate Remix) Andy Whitby, Klubfiller, Cally Gage, Kyla, Mark Breeze, Modulate AWsum Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
15 play queue 00:45:40 Touch Me (Energy Syndicate vs Fierce DJ's Mix) Neon Lights Masif Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
16 play queue 00:48:30 Rush On Me (JJ Ainsley Remix) Amber D Tidy Trax Hard Dance Mix Only
17 play queue 00:53:00 Zombies! (Original Mix) Technikal, Audox Technikal Recordings Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
18 play queue 00:57:46 Let It Rip (Original Mix) Meg DVS Slingshot Recordings Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
19 play queue 01:03:41 Make The Girlies Wet (Breeze & Modulate Remix) Mark Breeze, Organ Donors, Modulate Audio Surgery Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
20 play queue 01:06:42 White Beach (StripE Remix) Stripe, adukuf Orugem Records Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
21 play queue 01:11:30 Found Love (Original Mix) Amber D D'Licious Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
22 play queue 01:16:52 Beautiful (Original Mix) Hybridz, Technikal, Nathalie Technikal Recordings Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
23 play queue 01:21:47 Kickin On Wax (Original Mix) Organ Donors Audio Surgery Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
24 play queue 01:26:24 Don't Do Dub (Original Mix) Leon Clarke Noize Recordings Hard Dance $1.49 Buy
25 play queue 01:30:47 Crave (Album Edit) Alex Kidd, Activator Kiddfectious Hard Dance $1.49 Buy