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 - Electro 5.5 (working concept) - Side A

Electro 5.5 (working concept) - Side A

Hip-Hop / R&B

I will finish Side B and possibly continue with the others if there is enough interest, let me know or else it won't happen though! You can help by posting to Facebook etc.. spread the word! It is also available on Mixcloud & Mixcrate.

This is side A of a fan/community project that was to sort of create an alternate timeline, or put another way, an in-between release in the legendary Street Sounds Electro series, hence the ".5", Electro 5.5 would obviously sit in the time between Electro 5 and Electro 6.

The concept was to be expanded to encompass Electro 1 through till Electro 15 at least, although of course Hip Hop was entering into the sample based Golden Era by this time which in many ways could be said to have led to a natural end to the series.

The mix was done circa 2005, not too long before Morgan Khan re-established his Street Sounds label with all that followed there. Initial contact was made regarding securing licensing as it was to be legal, but it never really went further than that. The full concept was to release it on vinyl, tape & cd, with the possibility of collector special edition etc.. depending on the success of it. A couple of extra Crucials would have been considered too, more in a Crucial 3 megamix style though with 10-12 tracks per side, with a possible best of the entire series mix, which I'd already thought to do while still doing Electro Funkology. Lots of possibilities.

The tracklisting is:

1) Grandmaster Melle Mel - Beat Street
2) Master OC & Krazy Eddie - Masters of the Scratch
3) Man Parrish & Freeze Force Crew - Boogie Down (Bronx)
4) Boogie Boys - Breakdancer
5) Unknown DJ & DJ 3D - Beatronic

It was all laid down via turntables into Tracktion to emulate tape multitrack the closest and be closest to how the originals were done. It wasn't completely final as I wasn't totally happy with the Breakdancer/Beatronic mix, but overall I was quite pleased, and I hope it provides enjoyment for those that listen. It's been a mix that I've gone back to quite often and I hope it captures the spirit of the series for you as it does for me - that was the intention, so if it succeeds to a decent degree I'm happy. It's not really mastered or anything, just some rough levels and eq going on, and actually these days if I were to pick this up again, I would probably redo it from scratch and do it 24bit etc..

Side 2 didn't get further than working out a track order and recording some test mixes, which I still have so it would be possible to still make it some day, depending on any demand for it - so if you want to hear more, you know what to do!

The mixes and track selection were to be true to the period, and also the cuts too, so no triple orbit spearmint crabcake flare fests ;), all cuts were to be solid 80s style (emphasis on style) at most 'up to' the technical standard of the best of the day, which would be Grandmixer D.St. IMHO. The artwork was more meant to capture the feel of the overall series and try to hook each of the three distinct (before the graffitti) design styles of the series, taking the color scheme from the preceding release.

Big respect to Mastermind; Herbie, Max & Dave et al who turned this series into something legendary with their creative and aspirational mixes that still hold up to this day as masterclasses in the art of mixing. And of course to Morgan Khan who made it happen.

Feedback/comments: @thedjfizz (twitter)

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Electro 5.5 (working concept) - Side A
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