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BBK, Shade k, Dmoney, ilLegal Content, Mutantbreakz, Yo Speed, Sunsha, The Collab Bro, Kuplay, Survivors, Michael White, BooVox, Kodek, The Brainkiller, Tom Clyde, Oneway, Bad Girlz, Charlie Kane, Splitloop, Iplay, 1st Break, Future Funk Squad, Refracture - Mad - Fox - Roundtrip Podcast 09 (Breaks, Booty Breaks, Nu Breaks)

Mad - Fox - Roundtrip Podcast 09 (Breaks, Booty Breaks, Nu Breaks)


Cheerful, energetic and meat!!!

01.ilLegal Content - Feel Funky (Original Mix) [Gigabeat Records]
02.Shade K - Jumpin (Original Mix) [Elektroshok Records]
03.Shade K - Uncle's Advice (Original) [Gigabeat Records]
04.BBK, Shade K, Dmoney - Funk Soul (Original Mix) [Straight Up!]
05.Mutantbreakz - You And You (Original Mix) [Distorsion Records]
06.Yo Speed - Ku (Original Mix) [Need Money]
07.Sunsha - Wizard (Original Mix) [Stars & Knights Records]
08.The Collab Bro - Mechanoise (Original Mix) [Selecta Breaks Records]
09.Kuplay - Bad Decision (Original Mix) [Elektroshok Records]
10.Survivors - Realidad En Llamas (Michael White Remix) [Ghosts & Skulls]
11.BooVox - Rubber Bass (Original Mix) [Artist Intelligence Agency]
12.Kodek - Kotegaeshi (Original Mix) [NOIZE]
13.The Brainkiller - Freedom (Original Mix) [Musication Records]
14.Tom Clyde With Oneway - Black Lodge (Original Mix) [Census Sound Recordings]
15.Bad Girlz - Bad Girlz (Charlie Kane Remix) [Synthzeer Rec]
16.Splitloop - Stimulator (Splitloop Remix) [Toast Club Recordings]
17.Iplay - Attack (Original Mix) [Spektra Recordings]
18.1st Break - All My Dogs (Original Mix) [Drop The Bass]
19.Future Funk Squad Feat. Refracture - Cold Matter (Original Mix) [Audio Science Productions]

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1 play queue 00:00:00 Feel Funky (Original) ilLegal Content Gigabeat Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
2 play queue 00:04:19 Jumpin (Original Mix) Shade k Elektroshok Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
3 play queue 00:05:51 Uncle's Advice (Original) Shade k Gigabeat Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
4 play queue 00:08:56 Funk Soul (Original Mix) BBK, Shade k, Dmoney Straight Up! Breaks $1.49 Buy
5 play queue 00:11:56 You And You (Original Mix) Mutantbreakz Distorsion Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
6 play queue 00:15:11 Ku (Original Mix) Yo Speed Need Money Breaks $1.49 Buy
7 play queue 00:18:41 Wizard (Original Mix) Sunsha Stars & Knights Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
8 play queue 00:22:56 Mechanoise (Original Mix) The Collab Bro Selecta Breaks Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
9 play queue 00:26:26 Bad Decision (Original Mix) Kuplay Elektroshok Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
10 play queue 00:29:56 Realidad En Llamas (Michael White Remix) Survivors, Michael White Ghosts & Skulls Breaks $1.49 Buy
11 play queue 00:32:11 Rubber Bass (Original Mix) BooVox Artist Intelligence Agency Breaks $1.49 Buy
12 play queue 00:36:11 Kotegaeshi (Original Mix) Kodek NOIZE (Plasmapool) Breaks $1.49 Buy
13 play queue 00:39:09 Freedom (Original Mix) The Brainkiller Musication Records Breaks $1.49 Buy
14 play queue 00:43:58 Black Lodge (Original Mix) Tom Clyde, Oneway Census Sound Recordings Breaks $1.49 Buy
15 play queue 00:49:15 Bad Girlz (Charlie Kane Remix) Bad Girlz, Charlie Kane Synthzeer Rec Breaks $1.49 Buy
16 play queue 00:51:40 Stimulator (Splitloop Remix) Splitloop Toast Club Recordings Breaks $1.49 Buy
17 play queue 00:56:57 Attack (Original Mix) Iplay Spektra Recordings Breaks $1.49 Buy
18 play queue 01:01:01 All My Dogs (Original Mix) 1st Break Drop The Bass Breaks $1.49 Buy
19 play queue 01:04:52 Cold Matter (Original Mix) Future Funk Squad, Refracture Audio Science Productions Breaks $1.49 Buy