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Watch Interstellar (2014) Full Movie Online For Free


Watch Interstellar (2014) Full Movie Online For Free

Interstellar (2014)

Sinopsis :Interstellar chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Mackenzie Foy, Timothée Chalamet, Bill Irwin, Matt Damon, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Wes Bentley, Topher Grace, David Oyelowo, David Gyasi, William Devane, Josh Stewart, Collette Wolfe, Leah Cairns, Russ Fega, Lena Georgas, Jeff Hephner, Elyes Gabel, Brooke Smith, Liam Dickinson, Francis X. McCarthy, Andrew Borba, Flora Nolan, William Patrick Brown, Cici Leah Campbell, Kristian Van der Heyden, Mark Casimir Dyniewicz, Joseph Oliveira, Ryan Irving, Alexander Michael Helisek, Benjamin Hardy
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction
Production: Paramount Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros., Syncopy, Lynda Obst Productions
Keyword: #saving the world #artificial intelligence #father son relationship #single parent #nasa #expedition #wormhole #space travel #famine #black hole #dystopia #race against time #quantum mechanics #spaceship #space #rescue #family relationships #farmhouse #robot #astronaut #scientist #father daughter relationship #single father #farmer #space station #imax #astrophysics #zero gravity #courage #time paradox #relativity

Interstellar (2014)
Interstellar (2014)
Interstellar (2014)

2. CHOOSE Interstellar (2014) Movie

Simply put, best space epic movie I have seen in a long time! *spoiler* when you see the black hole for the first time (IMAX/large screen format) a sense of wonder and fear overcomes you. in the depths of your mind and soul you suddenly realize, that is exactly what it would look like, and you are propelled into that very moment. As they slip past the event horizon and you see, what I can only describe as reality warps, a memory jumps to the for front of another movie, CONTACT, in which a similar sequence happened and at that time, it was the best space epic movie I had seen. Kip Thorne, a Theoretical Physicist, did the most amazing work to help bring this visualization to life and keep it based in the real world instead of creating a fantasy world built to entertain children and the simple minded.
well, I have seen this film many times over and over, and each time it has revealed something new to me. a multi-layered sci-fi feature with deep philosophical meanings and humanistic concepts! a genius film from a genius master filmmaker!with a profound and completely scientific story line, mixed with the emotional and human texture, this is the story of our future, if we keep destroying our mother! on the other hand, what mesmerizes me is the music! the music is the asset which makes this masterpiece even more exciting and at the same time emotional. the scientific facts of the film are so logical, and indeed SCIENTIFIC! even though we haven't reached to that kind of technology yet, this film makes you wonder about the existence and human values every time that you watch it! I am not a professional critic, but I can surely say that without a doubt, this is one of the greatest films of the history, make by two of the greatest masterminds in the history of cinema! the Nolan Brothers! I am not even going to talk about the acts and visual effects and other technicalities, which were far greater than anything we have seen before.

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